Ethos and Values

Ethos and Values

We believe that every student can have, and is entitled to, a positive future. We see potential in each of our students and our purpose is to help them to access it by supporting them to learn, to develop their skills, abilities and talents and to help them to manage themselves and their SEMH needs effectively and successfully. This is summarised below:


Working together we will:

  • Meet our students social, emotional and mental health needs enabling them to thrive both in school and in the wider community;
  • Support our students to develop the attributes, skills, knowledge and understanding required to become valuable members of society;

Values and Beliefs

Learning is our core purpose. We believe:

  • Every child can achieve;
  • Every student must make progress;
  • Every member of the community matters;
  • Everyone deserves a second chance;

What we will do:

We will provide a safe secure environment where students are valued, respected, challenged and supported to achieve and make progress.

Through our actions we will develop young people who are:

  • Respectful of themselves, each other and the school
  • Trustworthy, polite, honest and helpful
  • Tolerant of others, open minded and without prejudice
  • Resilient, determined and have a strong work ethic
  • Responsible, independent and supportive of each other
  • Empathetic, thoughtful, compassionate and caring
  • Good communicators who equally good as leaders and team players
  • Confident having both self-belief and high aspirations
  • Good role models