Pupil Progress and Exam Results

Pupil Progress and Exam Results

Key Stage 2

In 2018/2019 Sutton House Academy had 2 Year 6 students neither of whom sat the Key Stage 2 SATs as they were both working below the level of these tests.


Key Stage 4

Please select the following links to download our Progress 5 Examination results:

Sutton House Exam Results 2019

Sutton House Exam Results 2018

Progress 8 is based on a students' fine line average of Key Stage 2 (KS2) English and Mathematics, National Attainment 8 points are published each year - they are the expected points, at KS4, from this KS2 base.

Progress 8 floor standards do not apply to special schools, pupil referral units, alternative provision or hospital schools. The floor standard: a school will be below the floor standard if Progress 8 score is below -0.5

Progress 8 is used nationally for performance measures for main stream secondary schools. Mainstream secondary schools have KS4 curriculum to support P8 - an English Baccalaureate (EBBAC) curriculum, traditionally comprising of :

English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science Core and Additional, Triple Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Computer Science, Geography, History and a GCSE Modern Foreign language

There are 4 'buckets' of subjects for Progress 8:

  1. English (double weighted points),
  2. Mathematics (double weighted points),
  3. EBBAC (comprising points from best 3 EBBAC subjects taken),
  4. Open (comprising of points from best 3 non EBBAC subjects)

'Progress 8 measures' are difficult to use with special/BESD/PRU's as it relies on having an EBBAC curriculum (as outlined). These schools offer an appropriate curriculum to meet the various needs of its 'cliental'  so comparing performance to national Progress 8 would be unfair given the reduced curriculum offer .

Progress 5 can be modelled for special schools, pupil referral units, and alternative provision or hospital schools.

Progress 5 (P5) works on a similar principle to Progress 8 but with fewer 'buckets'

  1. 'English Bucket' which is double weighted points,
  2. 'Mathematics Bucket' again which is double weighted points,
  3. 'Open Bucket' where 3 additional GCSE and or Vocational equivalents points can go.

P5 consists effectively from a total of 7 subjects (Eng X2, Ma X2, + 3 other subjects) this score is then compared to national Attainment 8 points but factored by 70% (as Progress 8 effectively comes from 10 subjects - Eng x2, Maths x 2, 3 EBBAC points and 3 Open points)


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