See The Signs Adult Workshop

See The Signs Adult Workshop

Safeguarding Young People in Southend

The targeting of children and young people by criminal gangs, known as County Lines, for the purpose of trafficking drugs is a national and local issue.  We are aware that pupils and parents are raising concerns about how to recognise risks and take appropriate action to stay safe.

In response, we have partnered with the Local Authority Violence and Vulnerability Initiative (VVI) to raise awareness and provide important information and support at all levels of our community.

The VVI is behind the campaign “SeeTheSigns” that you may have seen advertised on locally. See back for more details.

The VVI will deliver workshops to pupils on the 27th June.  In preparation for this, we invite you to attend a workshop here with VVI staff where information will be shared about what is going on in Southend to tackle this issue, what support is available to you and what you can do yourselves to ‘SeeTheSigns’ and take action to safeguard your children.


SeeTheSigns - Southend Borough Council and Essex Polices' Violence & Vulnerability Initiative


Gangs and County Lines have been very much a current and relevant national issue.  Gang members, adults and teens, have been targeting young and vulnerable members of our community, to use them for transporting, drugs, money and weapons. Southend is no exception and we have a responsibility to educate and inform the young people of our Borough about the dangers and risks of this issue.  The team are currently working with around 100 young people involved or at risk of involvement in County Lines and we have done group work with nearly 4,000 children in schools in the last year to educate them on the risks.  

As part of Southend Borough Council and Essex Polices’  Violence and Vulnerability Initiative, See The Signs, to address the awareness  and disruption of gang activity, Southend Adolescent Intervention Prevention Team have developed a workshop for young people, focusing on the awareness of this issue. Targeting year 5 upwards.
Please see the link below for further information regarding County Lines


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