The Prince's Trust was introduced to the Sutton House curriculum for September 2018. All students in KS3 and KS4 at Sutton House have been signed up to take part in this fantastic opportunity. Prince's Trust is an accredited course and offers a wealth of varied opportunities for all our students whilst complementing our Curriculum. The academy has already established strong relationship's with the PT team, with Sutton House staff being appointed as ambassadors for the trust.

Both internal and external Moderation will take place each term with other Prince's Trust users.

The Prince's Trust works hard to create a brighter future for young people aged 11 to 30, empowering them to have more success in jobs, education and training.

Sutton House students began the Princes Trust course in September and are well on the way to completing their first Level 1 Topic Understanding the importance of team work. ‚Äč


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