Therapeutic Intervention at Sutton House Academy

The Academy employs three qualified counsellors to offer 1-1 appointments across the Academy to enable children to talk and play in a safe environment.

The Academy has a therapeutic dog named ‘Frank’ who visits identified children each week.


We have three fully qualified counsellors in school who can support students with their emotional needs. These counsellors offer specialism with CBT, art and play therapy and are vastly experienced in supporting students across Southend via the Southend Education Trust (SET).

Students are selected and attend a 1-1 ‘appointment’ with an appropriate counsellor in a 45 minute session each week. If it is felt the student needs more time then this can be arranged.

We have recently started to offer this service to parents also on a voluntary basis.

Frank the Therapy Dog

We have a regular visitor namely Frank a Newfoundland who is specially trained to support students with their emotional needs and can address issues like anxiety and low self-esteem.

Art therapy

We have an art therapist in school who supports groups of children with identified needs through using therapeutic art strategies.