Sutton House Academy is governed by an Eastern Regional Academy Executive Committee.

The concept of the Committee is based on a belief in the importance and power of shared leadership. Parents, faculty, administration, and the community work together to provide advice regarding academy policies in accordance with the mission of the academy and the policies of the Parallel Learning Trust.

The primary function is to provide advice and assistance to Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team

Committee members offer their experience and expertise to strengthen the decision making process. This assistance is provided through the function of committees such as: planning, policy development, finance, public relations/marketing, development/fundraising, and assessment.

Name of Academy Councillor and date of appointment Category of Academy Councillor & term of office Appointing body Committee membership Positions of responsibility Relevant business interests that could present a conflict of interest, including whether a governor at another school Personal relationship (if any) with members of school staff e.g. spouse, partner, relative
John Wotherspoon
Appointed: 15/10/2019
Sponsor Academy Councillor
4-yearterm of office
End: 14/10/2023
PLT Trustee Board   Chair of Academy Council Sole proprietor/director of JWETC, Education Consultancy None
Stacia Petterson
Appointed: 15/10/2019
Executive Headteacher
Ex Officio
PLT Trustees Board   Executive Headteacher Employed by PLT, Executive Headteacher of Ramsden Hall Academy, Sutton House Academy and Victory Park Academy None
Joanne Oldham
Appointed: 15/10/2019
Co Opted
4-year term of office
Regional Academy Committee Executive     None None
Melanie Hall Appointed: 15/10/2019 Co Opted
4-year term of office
Regional Academy Committee Executive     None None
Previous Members            


Please click on the below link to access the Parallel Learning Trust Academy Council and Policy.

Parallel Learning Trust Academy Council and Policy

The Chair of our Academy Academy Council is, Mr John Wotherspoon. He is contactable by the means below:

Email -

Post - Parallel Learning Trust, Suite 1, Baker House, Horsley Road, Bromley, BR1 3LB

Scheduled Meetings:

Date Time Location
Wednesday 26th February 2020 3:00pm Sutton House & Victory Park Academies
Wednesday 22nd April 2020 3:00pm Ramsden Hall Academy
Wednesday 3rd June 2020 3:00pm Ramsden Hall Academy
Wednesday 15th July 2020 3:00pm Ramsden Hall Academy