Metamorphosis Pilot Project

Project Intent

  • To prepare SHA students for further education and future employment, giving them ‘Cultural Capital’
  • To develop their employability, as well as their like skills, to ensure they maximise their independence as they move into adulthood
  • To support pupils to meet their EHCP targets, through a broad Personal Development program, to develop social skills, resilience and team building skills to support their personal growth.


Pre-meeting with all professional involved in the pupils’ life including parents/carers. Clear long-term outcomes will be identified and a personalised programme will be devised which will map out how we plan to achieve these outcomes. Pupils will be able to input into this plan but separate to the meeting due to their mental health needs.

Session Times

8:30 to 8:45am - Breakfast Club

8:45 to 9:00am - Tutor Time

9:00 to 9:50am - Lesson 1

9:50 to 10:40am - Lesson 2

10:40 to 11:00am - Morning Break

11:00am to 11:50am - Lesson 3

11:50am to 12:40pm - Lesson 4

12:40 to 13:10pm - Lunch Break

13:10 to 14:00pm - Personal Development


English - 4 Sessions

Mathematics - 4 Sessions

Personal Development - 5 Sessions

Lexia - 1 Session

Creative Arts - 2 Sessions

Food Science - 2 Sessions

RSHE - 2 Sessions

Phonics - 1 Sessions

Physical Education - 2 Sessions

Outdoor Learning - 2 Sessions

Curriculum Offer

Week 1 & 5 - Establishing’ – building therapeutic relationships, trust with members of staff, using Maslow Hierarchy of Needs and Nurture principles to create a calming and safe environment that the pupil wants to attend. Offering activities, they are confident in/good at, that are available within the base i.e. sports, gardening, going for a walk etc.

Week 2 & 8 - ‘Baseline’ - activity assessments and ‘Just Right’ state for emotional regulation. Set SMART short-term targets for 6-weekly intervals (depending on the pupils own personalised plan/journey through the base). Targets to be reviewed with the pupils each day so they are fully involved and aware of what they are working towards – celebrate success through a strength-based approach to increase self-esteem.

Week 3 & 9 - 1:1 and small group work (Use the ‘LENS’) informed by the assessments completed. Gradual increase of hours so the pupils’ resilience increases and they are able to tolerate a longer school day. The day will be a balance of therapeutic activities, short 1-1 sessions of core subjects, and learning of life skills to support the pupil to manage their anxiety within their school setting again.

Week 4 & 10 - Review meeting with all involved in the pupils’ life (professionals/parents) – review progress made against the plan and agree aim for the next 6-week block. Re-establish links with the mainstream schools and 1 session will be working with the home school, this will either be the pupil going to the school, school staff to the base or virtual sharing of information depending on the need/progress of the pupil

 Week 5 & 11 - Continuation of Week 3 structure with a clear progression of hours – either increasing within the base or linking with the mainstream school depending on the need and Key Stage of the pupil, which will be reflected in their personalised programme. Increase in working with the home school.

 Week 6 & 12 - Same as Week 5

Term is repeated for Pilot 2 Pupils

 Our Pupils are supported by

Metamorphosis Staged Model

Key Characteristics on Entry

Attendance - 0 to 50% to date (Pilot 2 pupils specifically)

Behaviour - 1-1 support required or small group settings, heightened anxiety, poor communication challenging or complex behaviours, difficulties with learning, attachment difficulties, inability to communicate their social and emotional needs., difficultly in maintaining friendships

Learning - Walking out; ripping work up; poor attention span, need for regular movement; low concentration. Sensory regulation difficulties

Progress - No progress towards academic or social or emotional targets.

SEN - Might have additional needs.

Professional Involvement - Recent trauma or bereavement, counselling, medical appointments. Possible social care involvement.




  • A purple polo shirt
  • A purple polo shirt
  • Plain black trousers or plain black jogging bottoms
  • Plain black trousers or plain black jogging bottoms or black knee length skirt
  • Black shoes or black trainers with no markings
  • Black shoes or black trainers with no markings


The following are not permitted:

  • Any extremes of hairstyle, colour or accessories e.g. large flowers, bows
  • Coats or jackets with logos
  • Denim (e.g. jeans)
  • Hoodies or sweatshirts
  • Leggings
  • All jewellery, except for single stud earrings and watches
  • Body or facial piercings

Contact Information

Location - Sutton House Academy, Wentworth Road, Southend-On-Sea, Essex, SS2 5LG

Telephone Number - 01702 904644

Contact Email -